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Founded in 2008, Comecon Media develops new tools in the field of data and information collection, aggregation, analysis, and distribution and advises international companies and investors in the field of

  • Information management
  • Digitization
  • M&A and post-merger integration
  • Change management

Our regional scope covers Central and Eastern Europe, Germany and the European Union. In response to current market developments, we have expanded our portfolio and now offer a wide range of services – aiming at improving processes of digitization, sustainability, and international security.

Here are some key points:

  • development and operation of information services, Internet portals, newswires, and the organization of newsrooms;
  • general management and business consultancy in the fields of digitization and knowledge management,
  • supporting policy stakeholders and decision-makers in their public affairs and government relations;
  • exploring new possibilities in the field of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence,
  • software development (Python, and other languages).

Joachim Weidemann, founder and managing partner of Comecon Media, is an experienced business journalist and media manager. He is keeping himself up to date on digitization issues after completing an MBA specializing in German and European regulation, European affairs, and artificial intelligence.

Among Joachim’s projects, you findĀ Insight EU Monitoring, a web platform monitoring global, EU, and regional policies and regulations in the fields of business, digitization, security, and sustainability.

Joachim Weidemann
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