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Why We Need a Legal Person for Artificial Intelligence Entities

Düsseldorf, 4 May 2024 Long before OpenAI, ChatGPT, and all other generative A.I. applications, programs, or snippets hit the headlines of media worldwide, politicians and regulators in Europe and North America led a debate on how to define “trustworthy” and “human-centered” AI. They asked who should be the regulator, and what exactly should — sorry: can be regulated, and how this regulation could be enforced. When I wrote my MBA […]

ERC: Science Journalism Initiative

Brussels, 13 April 2023 The ERC wishes to support an organisation or a consortium of organisations to set up a funding scheme that would facilitate 3-5-month stays of journalists at research institutions. The purpose is to give the journalists opportunities to learn and work on in-depth reporting projects by immersing themselves in the research environment and interacting with scientists and scholars. Such opportunities – organised for example in collaboration with […]

Monitoring regulatory policies

Regulatory monitoring services are a key expertise of Comecon Media. We are monitoring almost all parts of regulation in the European Union, as well as several national and global sources of regulation.  In our understanding, regulatory processes start whenever a legal proposal is internally discussed or drafted, monitor the debate and amendments, and look at the final results and their impact and implementation. Some of our readers are undecided whether […]

Recovery and transformation of media and audio-visual sectors

By CM – June 04, 2021 Source: Recovery and future transformation of Europe’s media and audio-visual sectors – Committee on Culture and Education During its committee meeting on the 27 May 2021, the CULT Committee held an exchange of views on an own-initiative report (INI) recommending ways towards recovery and deep transformation of the media and audio-visual sectors in Europe. During the exchange of views following the presentation of the draft report, questions were […]

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