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Monitoring regulatory policies

Regulatory monitoring services are a key expertise of Comecon Media. We are monitoring almost all parts of regulation in the European Union, as well as several national and global sources of regulation. 

In our understanding, regulatory processes start whenever a legal proposal is internally discussed or drafted, monitor the debate and amendments, and look at the final results and their impact and implementation.

Some of our readers are undecided whether they need to monitor the policies and regulations of their own country, the European Union, or other global institutions.

These Q&A may answer some of their questions:

Do I need to cover EU regulations?

Probably yes. The European Union is supposed to define around 80% of the laws and regulations ruling your life, in Europe. Not only in the Union itself, but in most neighboring countries, too. And even if you are living in a trading partner country of the Union – e.g in the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada, China, Russia, or elsewhere around the globe, you need to know which regulations you should meet when you, your services, or your products enter or interact with the Union.

Does the EU  Commission provide me with all the information I need?

The EU Commission has made a lot of progress in offering information about its policymaking. But that is only one piece of the picture.  Though very important and influential, the EU Commission is only one of seven constitutional bodies of the Union. You also have the European Parliament as the directly elected representation of the citizens and a platform for debate. You have the European Council of heads of states or governments as the strategic body of the Union, and the EU Ministerial Council(s) representing the interest of the member states. You have the European Court of Justice as Europe’s highest court. You have the European Central Bank ruling the fate of the euro and the European banking system, And you have the European Court of Auditors supervising the Union’s budgets and expenditures. 

Besides, there are more than 40 more specialized executive agencies of the Union, several hundreds of EU projects, and more than 12 000 EU stakeholder representatives registered in the EU transparency register (and many more unregistered activists and lobbyists). They all are taking part in the process of forming and implementing EU policies and regulations, from the grassroots on. This is why we are recommending you to go for support to stay abreast with these complex and multilateral decision-making processes. At the moment, we have included more than 1500 EU and global data, information, and document sources, continuously scanning their daily output.

This sounds very complicated: How can you help me?

We help you with simplification: Together we analyze your information needs by sorting out:

  • the policy fields you need to cover (finance, energy, environment, or trade);
  • the list of issues (and keywords) you want us to monitor;
  • the institutions/sources you would like us to cover with our monitoring;
  • the frequency of the monitoring services (near-time, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • the number of recipients (e-mail addresses) receiving the monitoring mails.

We may suggest additional data sources based on our experience, since 2014. Then, we create a spreadsheet for you summing up all these details and provide you with a tailored and transparent offer for an annual subscription.

We are already suffering from information overkill. Which formats do you offer to reduce our time efforts to stay abreast or even anticipate further developments?

Our clients’ needs and wants are quite diverse. Therefore we are offering different formats depending on our client’s profile:

  • The Insight EU Portal offers first-hand EU, global, or national documents on the go. Readers can visit the portal, subscribe to our Insight EU Daily Digest and Insight EU Event Agenda to get a rapid overview of what happens in the policy fields we are monitoring. Digest and Agenda lead you our portal. You can read five posts per month free of charge. If you need more, you can easily upgrade to our monthly or annual subscription.
  • Our daily Insight EU Monitoring emails are diving deeper into specific policy areas. They summarize what happened during the day and come directly to your mailbox, the following night.
  • Our Insight EU Dossiers are produced on-demand and consist of an initial version and between 4 and 11 updates annually. IEU Dossiers which cover English, French and German sources are an efficient tool for EU stakeholders, companies, associations, and NGOs aiming at monitoring single EU policies in depth. The dossiers cover all relevant sources, be it global organizations, European decision-makers, or national actors, and influencers. We gather and aggregate regulatory documents and positions in an unbiased way, helping our clients to understand the political landscape, alliances, supporters, and obstructers Dossiers may also include journalistic investigations..

What shall I do if my information needs are changing during an annual subscription?

We are aware of the volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity of our political lives. This is why our offers include quarterly updating sessions with our clients. We also have established an easy on-demand notification mode by mail from our partner’s coordinator.

How can we start discussing our co-operation?

Usually, we would meet personally with you and your colleagues to discuss your monitoring profile. But during the COVID-19 restrictions, we can also arrange a phone call or an online conference to start our discussion. Please, feel free to contact us at sales@ieu-monitoring.com if you are interested in our products, or editor@ieu-monitoring.com if you have ideas or questions regarding our content.

You may also use our self-service channels:

Insight EU Monitoring Mails:

In our IEU Store, you can buy single issues of our specialized monitoring mails, or annual subscriptions. Click on a title to open the content table. You can pay by PayPal or credit card and download the issue as a PDF file. In the case of annual subscriptions, you would be immediately put on the relevant mail distribution list.

Insight EU Portal Subscriptions:

You can also subscribe to a free daily digest of our portal’s post on our IEU Daily Digest Page. Your portal’s settings allow you to read five posts per month, free of charge. For more posts, you would have to register – or simply choose from one of our subscription offers on our subscription page.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or problems gettings access to our services. We shall be happy to help.

Always at your service

Your Insight EU Monitoring Team


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